Parents, helping your college student select a residence is not easy, but at Chenango Place, we offer just about everything to make worry-free living so your student can focus on school. Our brand new, all-inclusive apartments, fantastic amenities and great security features are just part of what we offer at Chenango Place. We're striving to make all our residents feel as safe and comfortable as they would at home.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. Check our FAQ's:

Is Chenango Place affiliated with Binghamton University?

Chenango Place is not affiliated with Binghamton University. However, almost all of our residents attend Binghamton University and we maintain a presence at the university along with staying up to date with events and issues that are relevant to the university and our residents.

What type of security does the property have?

Security is the top priority for Chenango Place and we strive to maintain a secure environment for our residents. To achieve this secure environment, we have a number of protocols in place.

We have a state of the art camera system (with 29 video cameras) to monitor areas throughout the building. Additionally, we have key fob entry through all entrances, to ensure that only residents with a key fob have rightful access to the building. Additionally, we have a staff member at our front desk at all times, available to assist residents in any situation.

What is the area surrounding Chenango Place like?

Chenango Place is located with waterfront views of the Chenango River. It is right in the center of many downtown businesses where there is a wide variety of local restaurants, bars, and shops. Chenango Place is also a short drive to the university, as well as many other popular Binghamton attractions.

Who is the management team?

The General Manager of Chenango Place is Jessica Mihal. She is responsible for the everyday operations of the property and is assisted by the Assistant General Manager, Molly E. Smith. Jessica and Molly are supported by the Groundskeeper, Rickie Frederick, and the Maintenance Director, Will Keller.

What do you mean by 24/7 doorman?

During the day and into the night, there is a receptionist at the front desk available to answer any questions, with management staff in the office. During late night hours, there is a doorman available throughout the night to ensure that there is a staff member accessible to all residents at any time.

Where do I send packages for my son or daughter?

Packages can be sent to:

Attn: [Son or Daughter's Name]
Chenango Place LLC
7 Court Street, Apt. # and bedroom (e.g. 101A)
Binghamton, NY 13901

When is rent due?

Rent is due at the first of every month, as stated in the lease. There is a 5 day grace period and rent is not considered late until the 6th of the month, at which time a late fee will be added to your invoice.

How can I pay rent?

Rent can be paid a number of ways:

Each resident is asked to create an account on their Resident Web Access. This can be found at our website under "Log-In" Once an account has been created, residents can make payments by e-check or credit card online. Please note, there is a fee associated with this type of payment.

Checks can be mailed to Chenango Place at our business address (outlined below). Checks can also be dropped off by residents to the management office. There is no fee for paying by check.

Where do I mail payment?

The mailing address for payment is:

Attn: Jessica Mihal
Chenango Place LLC
7 Court Street
Binghamton, NY 13901

Who do I make payments to?

Payments can be made out to Chenango Place LLC. If you send a check through the mail, you can send it to the attention of our General Manager, Jessica Mihal.

What utilities are included?

All utilities are included with rent. This includes water, sewer, electric, heat and air conditioning, Wi-Fi is also provided in all apartments and throughout the building, along with cable (including HBO).

Is there parking?

Parking is available for residents through a city parking deck that is located directly behind the parking deck. Parking is not included in the rent, and residents will be charged on a monthly basis. Residents can add or remove parking on a monthly basis by contacting our management staff.

How does laundry work?

Every apartment unit has its own washer and dryer. There is also an additional free laundry facility available to residents on the third floor.

What kind of educational facilities are there?

There are a number of educational facilities available at our building. Each floor has three closed study rooms, with additional desks on some floors as well. Additionally, there is a computer lounge with Macs and PCs available to residents. Free printing is also available in the computer lounge.

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