Our History

For more than 150 years, an array of stately brick buildings has graced the eastern edge of the Chenango River, welcoming generations of people into downtown Binghamton. For much of their existence, the buildings at 20-24 Wall Street and 7-9 Court Street were known as The Fair Store, the area's premier furniture store. For years, The Fair Store was the place for young families and new homeowners to go for home furnishings. The Fair Store loomed large in the collective memories of subsequent generations and even today, people can recall the fond feelings their ancestors shared about the store.

The Fair Store space has evolved over the years, most recently having been converted into office space. The need for such a large amount of space diminished over time and the buildings stood mostly vacant for over 10 years. But their ideal location, sheer size and wonderful period architecture caught the eyes of One Wall Partners. Though the buildings were constructed well over 100 years ago, the quality brick masonry and foundation provided ample structural support for generations to come. What better place to house this ambitious project that in the end would embrace the history of these great structures, while giving students a luxury housing option second-to-none, in the heart of the thriving downtown scene? One Wall Partners felt that The Fair Store was the perfect choice, and joined forces with the existing owners of the building to start planning the project. The seed idea for Chenango Place was planted and now came the complex and exciting process of making it a reality.

Browse through the construction development phases of Chenango Place below.

Phase 1: Demolition

Phase 2: Framing

Phase 3: Electrical

Phase 4: Plumbing

Phase 5: HVAC

Phase 6: Drywall & Painting

Phase 7: Finishes

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